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JUe (◕‿◕✿): Ugly

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm trying to smile brightly but
I don’t like it
I'm not pretty
I'm trying to sing but
No one is listening
I’m not beautiful
Why am I this ugly
What must I do for me to be able to smile brightly like you?
I’m getting angry again
Why can’t I ever be perfect
I simply put the blame on my ugly appearance in this broken mirror
Don’t look at me
I hate this feeling right now
I want to hide away somewhere
I want to escape
This world is full of lies
I think I’m ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna be pretty 
Don’t lie to my face telling me I’m pretty
Don’t lie to my face because I know I’m ugly
Don’t tell me that you can understand me so easily
My ugly and crooked heart may even come to resent you
Don’t force me to talk
I'm not right for you
The cold facade inside that patronizing gaze suffocates me
Don’t come closer
I don’t even want your concern
I want to leave away to somewhere
I want to shout out
This world is full of lies
I'm all alone 
There is no such thing as warmth
There is no one by my side
All alone
I'm all alone 
I'm always alone

*Moral Value:

*Taken from UGLY by 2NE1 lyrics English translation