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JUe (◕‿◕✿): Geng Kecik -----to-----> Double T

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Geng Kecik -----to-----> Double T

My friendship with you is not like the flowers,Bloom today die tomorrow. My friendship with you is like The Great Wall of China.
Now, Geng Kecik is officially changed the name to Double T. We changed the name because we are no longer tiny little girls. We are a growing teenager.

Double T is the abbreviation for the TEEN TEAM which means a groups of teenagers. We don't want anyone to call us a small, tiny and little girl anymore.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

Our team consists of five members:


Nur Quratul Aini

Sarah Julia(me)
Nur Shakila
Nur Syuhadah

syuhadah, anisha, quratul, me & shakila --->at syuhadah house

Our group seemed to have been destined together because we have height (152-158cm) and weight (38-45kg) that are no less different. Our birthdays are close and differ only a month with other members.

Our birthday:

Nuranisha: September
Sarah Julia: October
Nur Shakila: November
Nur Syuhadah: December
Nur Quratul Aini: January

And the most important is we all are kpop fans.

Our kpop bias:

Nur Quratul Aini love Lee Minho
Nuranisha love Jo Young Min
Sarah Julia love Son Dong Woon
Nur Shakila love Lee Taemin
Nur Syuhadah love Yang Yo Seob

I hope the friendship of Double T will remain forever.

we are who we are

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